Volume 2 - 1914 to Modern Times

The reminiscences of elderly residents and families, whose ancestors had lived in Hayes, brought further colour and life to the history of the village people.  Their experiences through the major events of the twentieth century, two world wars and the dramatic change in the structure of the village were very moving and helped me to understand the tensions that existed.  Childhood recollections, such as those of Bill Dance, added to the ever growing tapestry of the fascinating history of Hayes. 

Included in Volume 2:

Hayes Station bombing
(Photograph: Miss M Crowhurst)

Spitfire Appeal 1940
Spitfire Appeal 1940/1941
(Photograph: Miss M Crowhurst)

Longcroft garden in the 1930s
(Photograph: Mrs V Blinks)

Sales Brochure for Hayes Place Estate
(Sales Brochure: houses built on the Hayes Place Estate by Henry Boot Ltd.)

Hayes Street Farm in the 1930s
(Photograph: Mr P Rose)

Bowling for the pig at the Hayes Show
(Photograph: Mrs C Timms)

Notable people who have lived in Hayes

A few of the interesting facts from this volume

Rex Cinema opened 1936
(Photograph: Miss M Crowhurst)

Marion Stafford Smith Mayor Bromley
(Photograph: Bromley Library, Local Studies Collection)

Hayes - A history of a Kentish Village - Volume 1